6 Recession-Proof Skills That You Can Develop While Being Quarantined

Only the best survive.



Coding is something that demands immense patience, analytical ability, and tons of time to get around with. What could be a better time to learn a new programming language or become an ethical hacker than now?

  1. Python
  • It is easier to read and write Python as compared to the other programming languages.
  • A skilled Python developer could earn anything between $70K to $150K annually.
  • You can automate most of your daily tasks like ordering food, watching the financial markets, vacuum cleaning your house through Python.
  • This answer by Saurav Sharma on Quora takes you into the depths of Python.
  • Here is the list of free courses to get you started right away.
  • Download all the tools required to run programs in Python from Python.org
  • Join the Kaggle community to get all your questions answered and seek help.
  • It literally saves lives by determining business and personal cyber threats beforehand.
  • It’s completely free of maths as opposed to the programming languages.
  • You can choose to work in any industry that you prefer. The average salary of an entry-level cybersecurity analyst is $90,000.

Financial Services

The major economic downturn due to recession also brings mergers & acquisitions for small-medium sized businesses. If you are an M&A expert then it’s time to brush your skills.

Larry Stybel predicts, “People with experience in managing the process-corporate attorneys, investment bankers, and accountants will be in demand.”

3. Basic Finance

  • Understanding basic finance not only helps you with career prospects but also in your day-to-day life.
  • You will be able to quantify business goals by analyzing the metrics.
  • Since the flow of money will slow in the economy, you can wiser decisions related to your stock investments.
  • Coursera has a list of courses to get you started with basic finance.
  • Learn stock trading via Udemy.
  • Auditing helps improve as well as protect the businesses by preventing detecting and preventing fraud.
  • One of the most critical tasks of an auditor is to assist the budget by mitigating the unnecessary expenses.
  • It also helps with gaining significant respect in the market by proving your business as a trusted one through regular audits.


Even if the economy shuts down people will send their kids to school or opt to learn online. The demand for feasible and online education will increase as people will run to advance skills in order to compete in the market.

  • Pick up a subject and start understanding it thoroughly and later explain the micro-concepts to a 5-year-old.
  • Take up a diploma course in your country.
  • You can also register yourself as a freelance tutor here.


I am not talking about fancy marketing jobs here, the real deal will be people who can produce number-driven results.

  • It keeps the revenue in check and aids the next steps in the sales cycle.
  • A focused approach towards consumers which helps in reducing churn.
  • Being ahead of the market in terms of demand and supply of the product.
  • Moz recently made its SEO course free for everyone. Understanding search engine is a great path to start with.
  • Google is also providing its analytics course for free in light of the current situation.



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