Here is why your sales process is broken and how can you fix it

Ashana Jha
4 min readJul 6, 2018


We all have been there where we feel that we are forced to follow a set of procedures and protocols while closing a sale.

Most of the times buyers are reluctant to be on the same page of processes and protocols as us, because for them all that matters is to receive the product or services as soon as possible.

In the movie Wolf of Wall Street, where Jordan Belfort says “Pick up the phone and start dialing” ; it’s 2018 and one can’t be more wrong than that.

You cannot just take a print out of the sales processes and march towards the field selling.

Let’s be straight forward here, sales is the only area where we can’t apply a set of fixed procedures and systems, because almost all of them fail.

Your buyer may have different approach towards the information he/she is receiving about the product.

Today I am going to tell you WHY your sales process is broken and what will it take to fix them through the strategies that work.

It may help you to re-evaluate your decision making process or upgrade your sales skills while making a sale.


WHY most of the sales processes fail?

1. You aren’t taking into consideration or collaborating with the buyers

2. Your sales processes are defined by keeping in consideration the company who

designed it. It’s all about WHAT you as a company want from the buyer!

3. The sales process does not sync with the market demands, as I mentioned, you are still using the dialer and dialing. You are not using the internet as well technology to reach out to the buyers.

4. Salespeople, Sales Leaders and the CEO’s aren’t convinced about the effectiveness of the product. Would you buy your own product? The answer to this question can explain a lot the product you are building.

5. You are only using the push methodology to make the sale and not the information methodology.

6. No testimonials to testify the effectiveness of your product.

7. The sales process is not in sync with the changing demands and needs of the buyers or salespeople.

8. Negligible or No training at all about the products to the salespeople.

9. Multiple hierarchy for the demonstration of the product.

10. Demonstrations are sales focused and not customer focused

Source: Phoenix Health Fund

The results from the above are crystal clear: You LOSE.

Here is how can you win the sales processes

1. Define your mission statement in the favor of the customers.

2. Define WHY of the solution in 2 lines

3. List out the pain area of the clients where you can pitch the solution right. Don’t forget you are selling a solution to the problem through your product.

4. Create a sales strategy where everybody is taken into consideration. Your customers, salespeople, leaders, senior management and your support executives.

5. Design easy to understand and short demonstrations. No need to conduct a training session of the product while demonstrating.

6. Get the existing customers involved. Prepare video testimonials and list them on your website.

7. List out all the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) and circulate among everyone in the organization as well as on the website.

8. Use social selling to your advantage. Communicate your product to the channels where your buyers hang out.

9. Don’t spam the buyers with daily offer instead communicate the importance of the product in their environment.

10. Last but not the least, revisit your strategies at the end of every month.


Sales must not be something where everyone is unhappy; from your salespeople to your customers. Defining an easy to go strategies benefits everyone in the long term. A sale is your revenue and profit source, make sure you aren’t evaluating troublesome methodologies and losing value over the course of time.

If this article has helped you in defining your sales process in some way or if you have any feedback do let me know in the comment section.



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