How to create a buyer persona for your business in just 5 minutes

Ashana Jha
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Would you go out and sell your product to everyone out there?

That’s just a waste of your precious entrepreneurial time and advertising money.

So how do we know the market for our product?

Through simplified Buyer Personas.

Buyer personas are fictional general images of people who will be your potential client.

It addresses the general needs, demands, geography, goals and behavior patterns of your buyer.

Source: Seopressor

The importance of Buyer Persona

Buyer personas were used by large scale advertisement agency earlier to market the products.

Now it has become a wide practice among small scale online businesses too.

In the age of social media advertising, while creating an ad we are asked to provide the general criteria for the target market.

This is the example of how your buyers are classified on internet.

Understanding your buyer helps you to tailor your marketing messages and advertisement according to your target market.

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How many buyer personas do we need to create?

Generally we will create one but don’t worry if you come up with two distinct buyer personas.

It is recommended to create at least 3 to 4 buyer personas if you are targeting wide audiences.

Let’s create our buyer persona

Source: Proposify

Name of the persona


· Job title

· Key responsibilities

· Size of the company

· Type of company


· Age

· Gender

· Income range

· Family background

· Faith (If applicable)

· Location type (urban/rural/suburban)

· Personality traits (Strengths/Interests)

· Relationship status


· Most active on which social sites

· Frequent or occasional reader

· Favorite Sport

· Favorite Websites


· Major challenge professionally

· Minor challenge professionally

· Major challenge personally

· Minor challenge personally


· Primary goal

· Secondary goal


· Primary objections with similar products

· Secondary objections with similar products

· Primary concern about the product

· Secondary concern about the product

Shopping preferences

· List of websites your buyer hangs out for information?

· Favorite brands

· Types of interaction with vendors (Email, Call, in-person)

Problem solving

· How would you address their primary challenge?

· What is the major problem which you are going to solve?

Your marketing message:

2-line elevator pitch:

Buyer personas will help you to identify the goals of the consumer and how to design your product in a way that it solves their problem at one go. The above pointers will help you to craft a distinct image of your consumers.

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