How to widely market your SaaS product at absolutely zero cost?

Ashana Jha
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Today SaaS companies are disrupting and taking over the major chunks of our economy.

It will continue do so in the coming years.

SaaS products are changing the dynamics of the product market.

As it is really easy for the consumers to just log in on the internet and start using the services.

What is your major challenge after developing a SaaS product?

Launch? Sales? Happy Clients? Generating Revenue?

The initial challenge is to have a successful launch.

A successful launch will lead the path for generating great leads.

A great product demands great attention, which needs a huge budget. Right?


While a good budget does supports large marketing campaigns. Great businesses have always kicked off with a minimal budget.

Freemium or Short Trials

While it may sound generous to provide the consumers with long trials and keep them hooked but it is not going to pay your bills.

According to a research, trial users dodge the services just after 3 days or they might just forget about it.

Your user will show more interest if he/she has less time to test the service.

Keep the trials short or maximum for 14 days.

It will not only help you to identify serious prospects but it will also reduce your customer acquisition cost.

In case of freemiums, keep the basic services open.

It provides your consumer with a basic idea about the software and helps them to identify the need.

Who is doing it best?


Email Campaigns

As the great saying goes “Out of Sight, Out of mind”.

Your prospects are going to forget about you once they exit your website.

How do we remind them from time to time about our best in the world services?

Tada. Email is at your rescue.

Have a human email address for the email marketing campaign. For e.g.

Make sure you send them as much email as you can because according to Christoph Janz’s “If no one is calling your emails ‘spam’, maybe you’re not sending enough emails.”

Praise them! Yes praise them as they use a certain service from your list of services.

Remind them about the remaining time for the trial.

Have a strong call to action in each email.

Who is doing it best?


Pick up the dialer and call your signups.

When is the right time to hit the iron? When it’s hot! Right?

There is strong chance that your prospect is still hovering over your website after signing up.

While the product is still holding a strong place in their mind, it’s best to reap the benefits right away.

A quick call can help you to understand your prospects better.

You can resolve their queries and manage their objections.

Who is doing it better?


Short and effective demos

Don’t design your demos to be a training session.

It’s best to qualify the lead first before presenting them with a personalized demo.

Make it short and only address the major concerns of the user.

Tell them what the product does for them and not what it does over all.

Design short video demos of product and feature them on your website.

Who is doing it better?


Price your product high.

Let’s be honest. Nobody takes cheap rated service seriously.

It may sound stupid but serious prospect always values quality over price.

SaaS is not a business where you will lose the deal because of pricing.

Who is doing it better?


Stop giving Discounts.

It may sound like a great way to attract crowd but in the long run it will do more harm than good.

The leverage of discounts will make your salespeople abusing it quite frequently.

It will affect the brand from the big picture point of view.

You can’t predict the revenue with a clear figure.

While sales becomes a monotonous task but the happiness it brings after having a client on board is priceless. The above strategies upon incorporation will help you to market the product effectively and drastically to the right consumers.

Do let me know in the comment section, if there is any other method you know to market SaaS potentially.



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