Top 5 Lead generation techniques which can make you millions

Ashana Jha
3 min readJul 6, 2018



We all know that our products, design, development, staffs etc won’t sustain if we don’t have customers.

Do you know any such business that exists just because of its popularity and zero sale? No, Right?

From the time, I embarked upon this journey of being the Lead generator, Talker and Converter all in the form of a Startup-Founder; I know how hard it is to get your sales process in line.


Let’s get to the bottom of the funnel and discover how we can fix the first step towards acquiring that much awaited sale. LEAD GENERATION.

1. Fix your social media

We live in the age where people discover everything on the internet.

Your products are just a click away from your potential lead.

People are information hungry, so if they want to buy from you; they will dig your online profile first.

Here is how you can fix LinkedIn:

Header: Should scream the value that you are looking to provide your clients with.

Profile Picture: If you haven’t already then now is the time to invest in good head shot image of yours.

Experience: Fill out all the details that you have worked on earlier and explain the same as easily as possible.

This is how you can write an intro

Remember this is the step towards building your credibility.

People buy from people so make sure you give out more information about your work.

2. Make that website

We have had this idea and we have dropped it too. Am I Right?

Creating a personal website seems like a tedious task for marketers.

In the age of internet, paper resumes don’t work anymore.

Let’s create a website for your personal brand

You will need:

1. A homepage: Listing all your accomplishment and the value you are looking to provide

2. A blog: Demonstrating your expertise in your niche

Source: CollegeInfoGreek

3. Get that referral

We all have some power packed contacts.

Yet, we are hesitant to ask.

Imagine, if you are about to add a million into your revenue.

You need one final contact.

Now all you have to do is ASK.

A positive referral can add a lot more value to your business.

Because remember, people buy from people.

4. Facebook Groups

The only tool available on facebook for free.

A Facebook group is an amazing option to find leads.

It generates much higher engagement than pages and ads.

Brands are now more into developing a facebook group along with a page.

5. Guest Blogging

If a blogger has 30,000 subscribers in the area of your interest and you can get access to present your product to all of them. How many leads would you convert?

While most of us still consider it as a waste of time, it still has the potential to generate up to 6-figure revenues.

This is what you need to do:

1. Find right publications

2. Measure their traffic from

3. Submit proposals

4. Start sharing

What has been the most effective channel for you in sourcing leads? Do let me know here



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